Jumat, 04 November 2016

Enjoy a small

Enjoy a small nibble!'Ok, Yazy, take off that jacket andwalk into the shower stall. The water should be nice and warm. You'll love it!'Samyaza raises his eyebrows, looking atthe water spraying from the shower head. He looks at the steam swirling around.'Ah...yeah.' He shrugs his shoulders and the jacketfalls off his shoulders and slides down his wounds. He winces and closes hiseyes. He takes in a sharp breath.'What's wrong?'Crystal quickly steps around him tolook at his back. She gasps, outraged, and her color drains from her face. 'Omg! What did they do to you! Yourflesh is totally shredded. How in the world have you been able to tolerate thepain?'Samyaza clenches his jaw and turns toaround to look at her. He narrows his eyes and nods.'Sweet Crystal, I'll be much better assoon as I eat a meal. I would heal quicker if I have more blood.' He watches her closely, watching herpale complexion. 'Yazy, are you serious! Look at yourback!' She points to the mirror, frowning, andturns him around. Samyaza turns around and looks into thelarge bathroom mirror. He frowns, and nods. He closes his eyes. Yes,that's what flogging does to you but I'll be ok. I understand why she's soupset. I need to convince her that I'm going to be ok. He opens his eyes and gazes into hereyes. He raises both hands and rests them on her trembling shoulders. 'Sweet Crystal, please believe in whatI'm going to tell you. Remember that I'm an angel. Well, a fallen angel, andmost important immortal. That means that I usually regenerate but I was withoutsustenance for such a long time that my energy is depleted. I need nourishmentor blood to boost my energy. My body will regenerate soon as I have the powerthat I need.' He looks deeply into her beautifulhazel eyes, reaching her soul. She blinks rapidly and her tears falldown her face. She shakes her head, trying to understand what he told her. 'Yazy, I don't understand how someonecould hurt you so. It's too painful to see. I hurt for you.' Her tears continue to fall down herface and he pulls her into his arms. 'My sweet Crystal, please don't shedyour tears for me. I don't deserve your tears. I promise you that I'm going tobe ok.'She buries her face into his sculptedchest. She rests her hands on his waist, sobbing. A few seconds later she pullsback to look up at him and blinks rapidly. 'Yazy, take more of my blood. I don'tmind. Please.'Samyaza raises his black eyebrow andhis violet eyes glow. 'Sweetness, are you sure? I don't wantto hurt or scare you.'

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